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Chicken Coops For Sale in Lancaster County

Sun Hill Barns is an chicken coop and horse barn builder that has had more than 15 years in the business, perfecting their craft so that area farmers and beyond can reap the benefits of our experience and craftsmanship. In those 15 years, Sun Hill Barns has constructed chicken coops for sale of all sizes and shapes, to fit every budget and every sized chicken ranch. We take pride in the fact that every one of the chicken coops we’ve built has been an expression of genuine Amish skill and attention to detail.

Wooden Chicken Coops for Sale in PA
3x4 A-Frame Chicken Coop for sale
3x4 A-Frame Chicken Coop

Small Chicken Coop

  • Holds 3-5 chickens
  • 3x4 A-Frame Chicken Coop
  • 52” High/12” Off Ground
  • 3 Chicken Nesting Boxes
  • Cedar Stain
  • Popular Metal Colors are Green, Antique Bronze and Red
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Chicken Coop with Run

  • Holds 5-8 Chickens
  • 4x7 Chicken Coop with 3x4 4x4 Coop Run
  • 70” High
  • 3 Chicken Nesting Boxes
  • Cedar Stain
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4x7 Chicken Coop for sale
4x7 Chicken Coop with 3x4 4x4 Coop Run
5x6 Chicken Coop for sale
5x6 Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop on Wheels

  • Holds 12-15 chickens
  • 5x6 Chicken Coop
  • 81" High/14" Off Ground
  • 6 Chicken Nesting Boxes
  • 4 Wheels with Handle
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Medium Chicken Coop

  • Holds 20-25 chickens
  • 6x8 Chicken Coop
  • 94" High/12" Off Ground
  • 8 Chicken Nesting Boxes
  • Cedar Stain
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6x8 Chicken Coop for sale
6x8 Chicken Coop
6x10 with a 6ft run Chicken Coop for sale
6x10 with a 6ft run Chicken Coop

Wooden Chicken Coop

  • Holds 20-25 chickens
  • 6x10 Chicken Coop with a 6ft run
  • 94" High
  • 10 Chicken Nesting Boxes
  • Cedar Stain
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Mobile Chicken Coop

  • Holds 30-40 chickens
  • 6x13 Chicken Coop w/ Wheels
  • 94” High/8” Off Ground
  • 10 Chicken Nesting Boxes with 3ft storage area
  • 4 WHeels with Handle
  • Cedar Stain
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6x13 Chicken Coop w/ Wheels for sale
6x13 Chicken Coop w/ Wheels
6x16 Chicken Coop for sale
6x16 Chicken Coop

Movable Chicken Coop

  • Holds 25-35 chickens
  • 6x16 Chicken Coop
  • 94" High/12" Off Ground
  • 16 Chicken Nesting Boxes
  • Cedar Stain
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Large Chicken Coop

  • Holds 30-40 chickens
  • 8x16 Chicken Coop
  • 94” High/12” Off Ground
  • 16 Chicken Nesting Boxes
  • Cedar Stain
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8x16 Chicken Coop for sale
8x16 Chicken Coop
8x20 Chicken Coop for sale
8x20 Chicken Coop

Deluxe Chicken Coop

  • Holds 60 chickens
  • 8x20 Chicken Coop
  • 110" High/12" Off Ground
  • 20 Chicken Nesting Boxes
  • Cedar Stain
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Large Chicken Coop with Wheels

  • Holds up to 100 chickens
  • 8x18 Chicken Coop
  • Cedar Stain
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8x18 Chicken Coop for sale
8x18 Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Designs & Features:

  • Keyed Entry Door
  • Chicken Door with Latches & Ramps
  • Chicken Nesting Boxes
  • Roast Bars
  • Ventilation Lid or Vent
  • Slider Windows with Screen
  • Shingled Roof with Tech Shield or Metal with Dubble Bubble Insulation
  • Glass Board Floor
  • Pine Board & Batten Siding
  • Natural Cedar or Rustic Cedar Stain

Chicken Coop Options:

Chicken Coop Features

So what makes Amish built hen houses superior to any other? Almost any hen house will provide the essentials needed to comfortably house your chickens, but our hen houses also offer a certain sense of style that gives them an aesthetic appeal as well, which most other structures lack. We can create custom chicken coop plans to make it portable, and to allow it to accommodate anywhere between three and 60 birds, so capacity is up to you. In addition to the flexibility of our layout designs, there are many features which are standard on our chicken runs.

First, you can choose from a shingled roof with Tech Shield, or a metal roof with Dubble Bubble insulation to keep your birds protected. Then, you'll appreciate the pine board and batten siding, which is cedar-stained to protect against the elements. The door to the chicken run will have a keyed entry system, and there will also be a chicken door, complete with ramps and entrances. There will also be slider windows with screens installed, to keep each bird accessible, but safe from intrusion.

Benefits of Mobile Chicken Coops

The first benefit, and perhaps the single most important one, is the fact that your mobile chicken coops for sale from Sun Hill Barns are made with all high-quality components that are intended to last for a very long time. That leads right into the second benefit, which is that this high-quality construction is ideal for providing maximum protection and shelter to your valuable chickens.

Since each mobile chicken coop is made specifically for your operation, it will always be the perfect size for housing your birds, and for allowing them to live comfortably, so they remain healthy and content. The outstanding ventilation of each chicken coop for sale contributes to the well-being of the birds and makes them glad to roost in such a favorable environment. All these benefits will make it easier to manage your birds, and the superior craftsmanship will help your coop stand the test of time.

Chicken Coops for Sale in PA, MD, NJ, NY, & DE - Contact Us Today!

Sun Hill Barns has chicken coops for sale that are available to any farmer in the Lower 48 states, and many operations have taken advantage of that fact to purchase our superior chicken house. Our 15 years of experience have helped us become experts at crafting these structures, and the high-quality components we use have always resulted in the best-made chicken coops for sale anywhere. If you'd like to own one of these outstanding chicken houses for your birds, please contact us today, so we can provide you with a free quote, or if you're interested in becoming a dealer of our quality chicken coops, we invite you to submit an inquiry to get the conversation started.