Horse Barns & Run In Sheds

Horse Barns for Sale in Lancaster County

As a horse owner, you know the importance of providing the utmost care and attention to your horses. And while housing your horses at a stable may be commonplace for some owners, you know that nothing feels better than having your horses are close by, and safely lodged. In order to ensure that this is the case, horse owners should invest in a quality horse shelters that will keep their horses both safeguarded and comfortable. At Sun Hill Barns, we offer horse barns for sale that are made from the highest quality materials and construction standards. We understand the different requirements horse owners have for their horse barns or sheds and as a result offer a multitude of specifications and design options to ensure that your horse barn both appears, and functions how you want it to.

10x24; metal roof & siding
10'x24'; metal roof & siding

Run-In Shed

  • 10'x32' w/Cedar Stain, 2 10'x12' Run-In & 10'x10' Feed Room
  • 10'x24' Metal Run-In Shed
  • 12'x30' Metal Run-In Shed
  • 10'x28' Metal Run-In Shed w/ 8’ Center Feed Room
  • 10'x20' Run-In Shed w/ Metal Roof
  • 10'x16' Run-In Shed w/ T & Groove Kickboard
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Shed Row Barn

  • 10'x36' w/ 3 Stalls, 10 Overhang & Metal Sides
  • 10'x36' Horse Barn w/ 2 Stalls & Center Feed Room
  • 10'x18' Metal 1 tall w/ 3 Overhang
  • 10'x24' w/ 2 Stalls, Metal Roof & Drop Vent, Painted White
  • 10'x30' w/ 2 Stalls and Center Feed Room
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10x36 w/4 ft overhang; metal siding & shingle roof
10'x36' w/4 ft overhang; metal siding & shingle roof
12x12 Single Stall with metal roof & sides
12'x12' Single Stall with metal roof & sides

Storage Barns

  • 10'x16' Storage Barn w/ Cedar Stain & Metal Roof
  • 10'x20' Storage Barn
  • 12'x36' Metal Storage Barn
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Bail Feeder

  • 6'x6' Bale Feeder w/o Grills: Roof Coverage 10x10
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10x24; board & batten sides, shingle roof
10'x24'; board & batten sides, shingle roof
blue 8x10 one stall horse barn
8'x10' One Stall Horse Barn

Horse Barn

  • 8'x10' One Stall Horse Barn
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  • 10'x16' Run-in-Shed
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10x16; red run in shed
10'x16'; Run-in-Shed
red 10x36 three stall horse barn
10'x36' Three Stall Horse Barn

Three Stall Horse Barn

  • 10'x36' Three Stall Horse Barn
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Horse Barn Specifications:

  • 29 Gauge Metal Slides or Board & Batten
  • Dubble Bubble Insulation under Metal Roof
  • 1 Window Per Stall or Feed Room
  • Wooden Painted Dutch Doors
  • 4’ Oak Kick Board
  • 1 Dutch Door Per Stall
  • Power Coated Grills in Stall & Feed Room
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Superior Horse Run In Sheds

If you own horses but haven’t considered housing them on your property, consider some of the following facts about having one of horse barns for sale on your property.

  • Horse shelters enable you to be closer to your horses at all time. Owning a horse barn or shed will provide you with the peace of mind knowing that the animals you love and cherish aren’t miles away, but rather within reach on your own property.
  • Horse barns require very little maintenance throughout the year and won’t have you worrying about the structure’s integrity. When you work with us to build your next horse barn or shed, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that it was built by experienced craftsman and will stand the test of time.
  • Horse barns provide your horses with protection from the elements. When the temperature hits its yearly high or low, it’s important that your horses can escape the extremes and relax in a structure that will keep them warm or cooled off depending on the season.
  • Horse barns are economical and won’t put the purchaser under any financial strain. While owning a horse comes with several costs, the structure used to ensure your horses safety and comfort won’t break the bank.

Horse Shelter to Protection Your Animals

While horse shelters don’t have significant maintenance requirements, it is important that owners take a few basic steps to ensure the longevity of their structures and to ensure that their horses are kept safe.

  • Make sure that your barn has proper air flow. It’s important that your horse barn is properly ventilated to ensure that your horses won’t develop respiratory problems.
  • The roof of your horse shelter should be cleaned several times per year. We do provide 30-year architectural shingles or metal standard roofing on our horse barns for sale, however it’s important to rid your roof of debris at least two times every year.
  • Keep the floor of your horse barn swept so that rats and other pests won’t be present. By taking a few moments to rid your horse barn of anything that could potentially invite pests you help to ensure the safety and health of your horses.

Horse Barns & Run In Sheds for Sale in PA, MD, NJ, NY, & DE

If you're in the market for a quality Amish built horse barn or chicken coop, look no further than the professionals at Sun Hill Barns. Our horse barns are made in accordance to your preferences and will be of a superior quality, which not only looks great, but will stand the test of time. Protect your horses today and bring them back to your property when you work with us. Contact us today to learn more or get started on your next project.