Horse Barns

Sun Hill Barns Horse Barns

Sun Hill Barns understands the importance of providing a safe and reliable horse barns; from 10'x10' to 14'x40' horse barns. All of our barns are made to your specifications and are handcrafted with the best products for a long life and low maintenance. The building’s layout, ventilation and overall functionality are also taken into consideration throughout the build of your barn. You can choose your color and material to compliment your home or present barn. Should you want a different combination then what is mentioned, please contact us to talk details. We are open to design and build your storage barn, horse stall, run-in shed or garage to be customized to be exactly what you need. We warmly welcome businesses looking to become a dealer and sell our horse barns.

30 Year Architectural Shingles or Metal Standard Roof; Plywood Sheeting No OSB

Horse Barn Specifications:

  • 29 Gauge Metal Slides or Board & Batten
  • Dubble Bubble Insulation under Metal Roof
  • 1 Window Per Stall or Feed Room
  • Wooden Painted Dutch Doors
  • 4’ Oak Kick Board
  • 1 Dutch Door Per Stall
  • Power Coated Grills in Stall & Feed Room
10x24; metal roof & siding
10'x24'; metal roof & siding

Run-In Sheds Available

  • 10'x32' w/Cedar Stain, 2 10'x12' Run-In & 10'x10' Feed Room
  • 10'x24' Metal Run-In Shed
  • 12'x30' Metal Run-In Shed
  • 10'x28' Metal Run-In Shed w/ 8’ Center Feed Room
  • 10'x20' Run-In Shed w/ Metal Roof
  • 10'x16' Run-In Shed w/ T & Groove Kickboard

Stalls Available

  • 10'x36' w/ 3 Stalls, 10 Overhang & Metal Sides
  • 10'x36' Horse Barn w/ 2 Stalls & Center Feed Room
  • 10'x18' Metal 1 tall w/ 3 Overhang
  • 10'x24' w/ 2 Stalls, Metal Roof & Drop Vent, Painted White
  • 10'x30' w/ 2 Stalls and Center Feed Room
10x36 w/4 ft overhang; metal siding & shingle roof
10'x36' w/4 ft overhang; metal siding & shingle roof
12x12 Single Stall with metal roof & sides
12'x12' Single Stall with metal roof & sides

Storage Barns Available

  • 10'x16' Storage Barn w/ Cedar Stain & Metal Roof
  • 10'x20' Storage Barn
  • 12'x36' Metal Storage Barn

Bail Feeders Available

  • 6'x6' Bale Feeder w/o Grills: Roof Coverage 10x10
10x24; board & batten sides, shingle roof
10'x24'; board & batten sides, shingle roof