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High Quality Chicken Coops for NJ Residents

If you’re a New Jersey resident in the market for a sturdy and reliable chicken coop, look no further than Sun Hill Barns. We provide homeowners with high quality Amish built chicken coops that not only look great but stand the test of time. The techniques we employ are time tested and haven’t been cheapened my modern conveniences. Discover today the beautiful backyard chicken coops that await you!

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Premium Chicken Coops - The Amish Quality Difference

When it comes to woodworking, not all products are created equal. Too often corners are cut on labor and materials with the aim of greater margins and less overhead. At Sun Hill Barns, we take no shortcuts when it comes to creating our high-quality chicken coops. Our coops are built by skilled Amish craftsmen who take pride in creating beautiful chicken coops that exceed customer expectations.

The Perfect Chicken Coops for Owning Your Own Chickens

No longer just a trend for members of the sustainability movement, owning chickens has reached a mainstream audience that understands and embraces its many benefits.

  • Eggs: Homeowners raising chickens can enjoy the benefit of the eggs that their birds produce. Homeowners can also improve the quality of eggs by feeding their chickens high quality foods and providing them adequate space to roam around.
  • Pest Control: Chickens do primarily feed on grains however as natural foragers they frequently make meals of small bugs.
  • Pets: Many homeowners come to embrace their chickens as they would any household pet. They may initially choose to own chickens for their eggs, however they later come to love them like a second family dog.

Chicken Coops in NJ - Call for a Free Quote!

New Jersey residents looking for high quality chicken coops that are long lasting and of the highest quality can rely on the team at Sun Hill Barns. We’ve been producing beautiful chicken coops since 2005 and look forward to sharing our expertise and high-quality products with homeowners throughout New Jersey. Contact us today to get the conversation started!